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1) SPL should invite the Principal from chamber for Prayer. PET should see that entire    assembly should be in attention position, while Principal is being escorted by SPL.
2) Staff & Students should speak in English for 4 days ie., (Monday to Thursday), 1 day in Hindi (Friday) and one day in Sanskrit (Saturday) so as to master the skills of communication in three languages.
3) All the teaching including Staff Nurse should attend the morning assembly. If any teacher is regularly irregular in attending assembly will be viewed seriously and principal has to call for explanation and the same may be brought to the notice of the Deputy Secretary / AGO concerned in writing.
4) Class Teachers shall stand behind the students of their respective classes.
5) Class leaders shall give the details of sick students while reporting attendance in the Assembly.
6)  The P.D. & P.E.T shall see that students maintain strict discipline while assembling and dispersing from the morning assembly with drum beat.
7)  Announcement of Birthdays of students & Greetings should be made in the Assembly. Let the children cultivate the habit of planting one flowering plant on his/her birth day and he/she should take care of it.
8) One or two Teachers and Students shall speak about the    significance of Days of National & International importance.
9) Students shall sing the National Anthem, and other patriotic songs in chorus while Audio   Cassettes are being played by taking due care.
10) Morning Assembly shall not exceed 15 Minutes.


05-30 to 7.00 AM                                                      Wake up/Free time
07.00  to 7.30 AM                                                     Milk
07.30  to 09.30 AM                                                   Washing Clothes
09-30 to 10-30 AM                                                    Breakfast
10-30 to 01-00PM                                                     Supervised Study/ Learning activity
01.00 to 02.30 PM                                                    Lunch
02.30 to 03.00 PM                                                    Rest / Free time
Second Duty teacher supervises the following activities  from 3.00 pm onwards.

03-00 to 04-30                                                           Supervised Study
04-30 to 04-45                                                           Tea with snacks
04-45 to 06-15                                                           Sports & Games
06-15 to 06-25                                                           Roll-call
06-25 to 07-00                                                           Dinner
07-00 to 09-00                                                           Supervised study

Timings                                    General Schools            
05-30 to 10-00           A.M.                            P.E.T/Staff Nurse/A.T.P.,  On rotation basis
10-00 to 03-00           P.M                            One Teacher                         
03-00 to 09-00           P.M                             One Teacher                         
Every day from 9.00 PM to 5.30 AM one teacher on rotation is to be allotted duty as night care taker.
Students should be trained in any four Co- Curricular activities like Tailoring, Karate, Classical dance, Instrumental music, Art and Painting etc.,    Separate orders should be obtained to take instructors for the above activities.

Study Time Table (Subjects – Allotment)

Study Time Table (Subjects – Allotment)
Day Study
Night Study
Maths, Telugu  /Sanskrit, Social Studies
English, Hindi, Science
Maths, Telugu / Sanskrit, Social Studies
English, Hindi, Science
Maths, Telugu / Sanskrit,  Social Studies
English, Hindi, Science
English, Hindi, Science
Maths, Telugu / Sanskrit, S.Studies
English, Hindi, Science
Maths, Telugu / Sanskrit, S.Studies
English, Hindi, Science
Maths, Telugu / Sanskrit, S.Studies
 [ in case the school timings change]:
Morning study hour 7.15 to 8.15am should be allotted to Maths and social.
Night study from 7pm to 9pm should be allotted to Science,English,Telugu and Hindi.
The total no. of staff is to be divided into two groups and allot study duties.
alternatively  covering all subjects in a week during the day study hours.
1.The Teachers who are allotted study duties should attend without any deviation. Under unavoidable  circumstances, substitute arrangements are to be made from other than study duty teachers with the prior written permission of the principal only. Otherwise, it will be viewed seriously.
2.Teachers on Supervised Study duty have to see that the students do their Home Work regularly. The same may be checked by them and signed. The principals should see that this should be done without any deviation.

3.Class leaders have to write subject wise topics and home tasks on the Black Board every day.

4.Study Teachers should not insist the students to read a particular subject during the study time.  The subjects allotted day wise  are only to be maintained by study duty teacher irrespective of his/her subject.  


05-00 to 05-15                                                                       Wake-up-call
05-15 to 06-00                                                                       yoga & exercises
06-00 to 06-45                                                                       Bath & getting ready
06-45 to 07-00                                                                       Kit Inspection
07-00 to 07-30                                                                       Milk with Boost/Bournavita/Horlicks                                                                                               with sprouts
 07-30 to 07-45                                                                        Morning Assembly, Prayer
07-45 to 08-30                                                                       1st  Period
08-30 to 09-15                                                                       2nd Period
09-15 to 09-55                                                                       Break Fast
09-55 to 10-40                                                                       3rd Period
10-40 to 11-25                                                                       4th Period
11-25 to12-05                                                                        5th Period
12-05 to12-15                                                                        Short Break
12-15 to 12-55                                                                       6th Period
12-55 to 01-35                                                                       7th Period
01-35 to 02-30                                                                       Lunch
02-30 to 04-30                                                           Supervised Study  /  Learning Activity
                                                                                    (This time is divided into 3 slots consisting of 40 minutes i.e., 2.30 PM 3.10 PM, 3.10 PM to 3.50 PM, 3.50 PM to 4.30 PM  one slot is for Co-curricular period for VIII to X and rest are for Club Activity study/Project work etc.
04-30 to 04-45                                                           Tea with snacks
04-45 to 05-45                                                           Games & Sports PET’s presence is must in the playground (District and State level players can be permitted to go on practice up to 6.10 pm. under the supervision of PET.
05-45 to 06-00                                                           Roll-Call + Songs/Rhymes/Poems etc. for 5 minutes 
06-00 to 06-15                                                           Free Time
06-15 to 07-00                                                           Dinner
07-00 to 09-00                                                             Supervised Study
09.00 to 09.15                                                              English News
09.15 to 09.30                                                              Night Attendance by Duty Teacher      

3.1  Daily Routine for Minority Schools During Ramzan Month.

03-30 am to 06-00                                                     Wake-up/Sahar/Prayers
06-00 to 07-15                                                                       Free time/Phy.Education
07-15 to 07-30                                                                       Bath & getting ready
07-30 to 07-45                                                                       Morning Assembly
07-45 to 08-30                                                                       1st Period
08-30 to 09-15                                                                       2nd Period
09-15 to 09-45                                                                       Break Fast to non fasting students
09-45 to 10-30                                                                       3rd Period
10-30 to 11-15                                                                    4th Period
11-15 to 11-55                                                                       5th Period
11-55 to 12-35                                                                       6th Period
12-35 to 01-15                                                                       7th Period
01-15 to 02-00                                                                        Lunch to non fasters & Prayers
02-00 to 03-30                                                                       Supervised study/Projects etc.
03-30 to 05-45                                                                       Rest (Sports to non fasters)
05.45 to 08.00                                                                       Iftar/Dinner/Prayer
08.00 to 09.00                                                                       Night Supervised Study
09.00 to 10.00                                                                       Night Prayers to Minority Students
. 1.Day study teachers may leave the school by 3.30 PM.
  2.Night study teachers should attend by 5.45 PM on rotation upto 9.00 PM.

Minority Schools  Friday Schedule:
            Students may be allowed for Friday Prayer after 6th period i.e., 12.55 PM to 2.45 PM including Lunch break (only in Ramzan Month).  Afternoon Supervised Study from 2.45 PM to 4.30 PM.